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Custom eLearning Development Professionals

The eLearning Development Professionals at Olson Development Group (WSI) have many years of experience with custom eLearning design and development. Whether you need a complete eLearning program developed or just a few modules, the eLearning Development Professionals at WSI are the right company to choose to get your eLearning initiative developed on time and on budget.

WSI has been involved with custom eLearning solutions for over 20 years. This long relationship with eLearning has allowed WSI to become one of the leading custom eLearning design and development companies in the nation.

To discuss your custom eLearning and LMS solutions needs - call us at 828.278.2323 ext 419 or write to us at info@olsonDevelopmentgroup.com.

Project Scoping and Requirements Identification

Project Scoping and Requirements Identification

Are you looking to incorporate eLearning into your training offerings, but don’t know where to start? Do you know what you need, but don’t have the time or resources to get started? WSI provides project scoping and requirements identification to create a requirements document or request for proposal (RFP) to help you get the process started with as much or as little involvement that you desire.

eLearning Design and Development

eLearning Development and Development

WSI provides eLearning design and development services to help you convert your manuals, PowerPoints, and classroom-based training into innovative and interactive eLearning solutions. WSI provides instructional design, graphic design, development, and quality assurance services to ensure the courseware meets the instructional intent and exceeds your expectations. These eLearning solutions can be accessed any place…at any time…on any device.

Training Effectiveness Analysis

Training Effectiveness Analysis

How do you know your training was effective? What was the impact on your business? WSI can help you measure the effectiveness of your eLearning initiatives as it pertains to employee behavioral changes and the return on investment to your organization. Don't have the time and resources to devote to measuring the effectiveness? Let us help you.

Learning Management System (LMS) Administration

Learning Management System (LMS) Administration

Learning management system (LMS) administration services entail providing the guidance and resources to the client for implementing and administering an LMS to assist clients with managing and delivering their eLearning solutions.

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